We Work For You, With You And Around You

Brokers work with you, for you and around your scheduling and communication needs.

We recently helped a family purchase an owner-occupied property with an in-law suite. While the mortgage needs of the clients were quite common, our approach to collaborating with them was unique.  

As Brokers, we can work with our clients in a variety of ways. Client convenience and choice dictates how we work. This means some clients carry-out every aspect of their mortgage transaction in person, while others achieve the same outcome without ever meeting us face-to-face. We also have many clients that enjoy a “middle of the road” approach, where they’ll meet with us at key milestones throughout the process, and work with us virtually in between. 

Regardless of your preference, we’ll do everything possible to accommodate you. Take our clients with the in-law suite, for example. They required a sign-language interpreter to be present at in-person meetings, and evening appointments generally worked best. Our Broker visited their home in the evenings, and when it was time to review key documents, through the assistance of their interpreter, they could clarify questions in real-time with their Broker.  

We also work with many clients whose personal and business commitments require them to travel internationally, across many time zones, on a regular basis. We can take advantage of FaceTime, WeChat, Skype and other virtual communication platforms as our clients require.  

Regardless of how you live, work and communicate, our team is happy to accommodate! 

You Dream It. We Finance It.