The Blake Wilson Group Is Kid Friendly

Are you having a hard time booking your mortgage appointment during child-free time (does that even exist?) No sweat. We’ve taken specific measures to ensure your little ones have a great visit with us. Who knows, maybe they’ll enjoy it so much they’ll ask to come back! 

As parents, we know how hard it can be to book your appointments around your child’s school daycare or extracurricular schedule. Sometimes, the only option is to bring your little ones with you and silently hope they behave themselves while you take care of business. That’s an added stress you don’t need, especially when you’re focused on big-picture items like your mortgage. 

No matter when you’re booked to meet with a member of our team, your little ones are always welcome to join. We’d love to meet them!   

Here’s what child-friendly means at The Blake Wilson Group means:


  • We have a “tickle trunk” of entertainment items that appeal to children between 1 and 12 years of age. 
  • All toys, games and gadgets are sterilized after each use. 
  • We stock kid-friendly, nut free snacks…and we’ve also got some candy up our sleeves. But don’t worry, we’ll never offer your child anything to eat or drink before checking with you first. We also have low sugar juice packs and filtered water. 
  • Older children are welcome to use our wifi network and play games on our Apple TV. 
  • If your children are here during business hours (9-5 pm Monday to Friday), our receptionist Tanya (mom to 12-year old Zavier, trained in first aid) will be available to entertain your little one(s) during your appointment. Whether this means playing a game of go-fish, colouring, or simply checking in regularly to see if they need anything, her role is to ensure that you have peace of mind during your meeting and your little one enjoys their stay with us. 
  • If you prefer your child to be in the same room as you, they can take our “tickle trunk” into the meeting. Or, if you’d rather have privacy, we’ll make sure they’re entertained and supervised in our flex space. 

Stay awesome, parents and guardians. We look forward to welcoming you and your kids soon! 

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