You’ve finally moved in! What to do before you start unpacking.

Now that you’re in your new home, all you want to do is order pizza, rip open boxes and find those darn hand towels. Before you start making the space your own, you’ll want to do your last bit of diligence.

Verify that all inclusions are still in the house. Moving day can be chaotic for sellers. It’s possible they may have forgotten to leave items you’re entitled to per your agreement of purchase and sale. Before you do a thing, take a full walk through your new home with a copy of your agreement and verify that nothing’s missing

Test your inclusions.  This is a very common mistake on move-in day. Who wants to cook a full dinner on the day you close, but don’t forget to turn on your new oven and burners to make sure the full appliance works. Do the same with your fridge, washer & dryer and any other appliances that have been left. Now that you’ve done your walk-through, open a box marked “fragile” and throw some of the packing towels into the washer and dryer for a test load. Make sure the water and ice maker on your fridge is functioning properly. If you find out a few days after you move in that appliances aren’t working, it’s much harder to prove when the issue started.

Check for any abnormal wear-and-tear. Make sure there are no scratches on the floor, holes in the wall and any other concerns that didn’t exist before the sellers moved out. The home should be in the same condition it was when you did your last walk-through.

Check for items that were left behind. It’s possible the sellers may have left items in the attic, on high shelves, in cubbies, etc. Before you unpack your items, make sure there’s nothing that’s been left behind.

 If there are any issues, give your realtor a call. They’ll be able to liaise with the seller’s agent to rectify any issues.   

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