Special Announcement: Partnership with David & Susan Skinner



Partnership Announcement:

David Skinner & Susan Skinner Partner with The Blake Wilson Group


Mortgage industry veterans, David & Susan Skinner, have partnered with The Blake Wilson Group, powered by TMG – The Mortgage Group. The Blake Wilson Group provides residential and commercial mortgage and financing solutions across Atlantic Canada.

David joins the group as Residential Services Director and Susan as Learning and Development Director. Long-standing associate, Joan Cote, joins as Residential Services Manager. They began working out of The Blake Wilson Group office at 2102 Oxford Street (West End Halifax) on August 15th and can continue to be reached at 902-835-6420.

David and Susan first began their careers in the financial services industry in the late 1970s. Since then, they have grown a thriving residential mortgage business with a loyal client following. Associate, Joan Cote, has worked alongside them for almost a decade and has been a key contributor to their success.

“The decision to partner with Blake and his team was a simple one”, says David. “First and foremost, our values are aligned. Secondly, Blake leverages technology to streamline the client experience. Thirdly, partnering with The Blake Wilson Group will enable Susan, Joan and me to offer expanded commercial financing solutions to our valued residential clients”.

For Blake and his team, the partnership means ongoing collaboration with seasoned brokers, new learning and development opportunities, and enhanced roles for the team. “I have long regarded David and Susan as mentors. They have built a very successful residential mortgage practice with Joan as their assistant. The knowledge the three of them bring to the team is invaluable. We will be integrating our technology with their well-established processes to elevate the client experience to a new level”, says Blake.

Through this partnership, The Blake Wilson Group team has expanded from four to seven. The team offers a full suite of residential and commercial financing services in English and Chinese.

• Blake Wilson, Founder & Lead Broker
• Kayleigh Gildart, Business Director
• David Skinner, Residential Services Director
• Susan Skinner, Director of Learning & Development
• Joan Cote, Residential Services Manager
• Blair MacDonald, Mortgage Broker
• Yifei Xing, Bilingual (Chinese) Mortgage & Financing Analyst


Main line:  902-835-6420 Toll Free: 1-877-256-8092

Address: 2102 Oxford Street, Halifax Nova Scotia