Our Services

Development Management

Our development management services span every phase, from initial planning to project completion:

  • Feasibility studies and budgeting
  • Design coordination and approvals
  • Stakeholder engagement and community relations
  • Construction administration and quality oversight

With decades of experience and sound project management principles, we execute seamlessly while keeping your vision first.

Development Management

Construction Management

HarbourTown Group provides diligent construction management centered on quality, safety, and efficiency:

  • Vetted network of trusted builders and trades
  • Stringent project scheduling and coordination
  • Daily on-site supervision and quality control
  • Safety audits, training, and hazard prevention

Our hands-on approach ensures impeccable craftsmanship on time and on budget. Discover the HarbourTown difference.

Construction Oversight

Innovative Financing

We offer customized financing strategies tailored to each client's real estate goals:

  • Creative capital stack solutions
  • Equity partnerships and structured investments
  • Lender negotiations and arrangement
  • Risk assessment and mitigation

Whether your project requires conventional loans or innovative investment, we have the expertise to financially engineer success.

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Innovative Financing

Strategic Equity Partnerships

Our network connects investors to opportunities through tailored equity partnerships:

  • Aligning projects and investors for mutual benefit
  • Structuring deals to optimize risk-return for all parties
  • Ensuring transparency and managing stakeholder interests
  • Driving growth through value-add partnerships

With deep access to capital and experience fostering strategic alignments, we open doors to elevated investments.

Strategic Equity

We are more than builders – we are financial architects too.

HarbourTown Group excels in residential, commercial, and private financings. We provide our clients with effective ways to fund and finance projects, ensuring that every vision has the support it needs to become a reality.

Our cooperative approach extends throughout project teams, including our valued designers, a dedicated workforce, trusted trade contractors, and reliable suppliers. Beyond construction, we are dedicated to stewarding excellence, cultivating enduring relationships, and making a positive impact on our community.

Connecting you with accountants,
lawyers, and advisors

At the HarbourTown Group, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of services, from home mortgages to development partnerships. Our robust connections within the business community grant you access to a reliable network of accountants, lawyers, and advisors. With us, you can be confident in the knowledge that you have a strong support system behind you, ready to meet your needs.