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Crafting Real Estate Excellence: Meet HarbourTown Group

Discover the dedicated team and the enduring values behind our comprehensive real estate and financing services

Real Estate

Our Heritage

From Local Roots to Leading Visionaries

HarbourTown Group traces its beginnings to 2023 in Halifax, founded by seasoned real estate professionals dedicated to a comprehensive approach. With over 50 years of collective industry experience, the founders created a company culture rooted in seamless collaboration.

Major milestones include the completion of multi-phase master planned communities, collaborations with leading builders nationwide, and recognition for sustainable practices. The integration with TMG Mortgage solidified HarbourTown Group’s unique end-to-end capabilities.

Driven by core values of innovation, transparency, and service excellence, the company has emerged as an authority in real estate development, construction, and financing.

Harbourtown Advantage

Our Difference

A Synergy of Services: The HarbourTown Advantage

What sets HarbourTown Group apart is our integrated capabilities across real estate services. Our development experts collaborate closely with our financing advisors and construction team from day one. This collaboration ensures seamless execution, early value delivery, and optimized financial outcomes.

We take a bespoke approach, tailoring our strategies and solutions to each client’s unique needs and goals. Trusted relationships and clear communication are central to everything we do.

With our comprehensive expertise united under one roof, HarbourTown Group offers an unmatched combination that takes client success to new heights. Our record demonstrates this – we bring visions to life, on time and on budget.

Our Executive Team

Strength in Unity: The People Powering HarbourTown

At HarbourTown Group, we know that our success stems from the passion and dedication of each team member. Meet the experts who ensure excellence across every project and client engagement:

J. Blake Wilson, Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years as a Broker, Blake is an expert in crafting development and financing solutions that transform real estate visions into reality. Takes a personalized approach to strategic financing.


Dan Jones, Chief Operating Officer

Brings over 20 years in construction and development. Known for flawlessly executing projects and leading with care.


Matt Flynn, Chief Relationship Officer

Brings a relationship-focused approach to business development. Excels at forming meaningful partnerships.

Brendan Horning

Brendan Horning, Chief Financial Officer

Brendan Horning combines strategic financial expertise with deep tax knowledge. As Partner and CFO, he drives HarbourTown's growth with innovative financial solutions.

Construction Management Leadership

Colin Peters

Colin Peters, President

Colin Peters, P.Eng., P.GSC, CM-Lean, our President, is renowned for his visionary leadership and excellence in project management across the construction industry.

Matt Kennedy, Project Manager

Matt Kennedy, a skilled Project Manager, orchestrates comprehensive project lifecycles with a keen focus on efficiency, collaboration, and strategic alignment.

Alex Fox

Alex Fox, Project Manager

Alex Fox, a dynamic Project Manager, orchestrates project lifecycles with precision, ensuring each phase aligns with strategic objectives for stellar project delivery.

Norm Revels

Norm Revels, Senior Site Superintendent

Norm exemplifies seasoned leadership in construction, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and transparent communication to ensure project excellence.


Angela Wolfe, Project and Safety Coordinator

Angela Wolfe ensures excellence in project execution and upholds the highest safety standards, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.

“I can't thank Blake and his team enough. Wonderful experience, very easy to work with, professional and willing to help in every way possible. I will definitely be using Blake for my future income properties. I highly recommend!”

Mathew V.,

“When other brokers were saying I had to wait another 6 months to get a mortgage approval, Blake made it happen within 1 month. Blake is knowledgeable and professional. I can’t thank him enough as he made my dream come true. I will recommend this Broker over and over again”

Adebola J.,

“Blair was prompt to follow-up with me and ensured I received the best mortgage for my situation”

Jeff M,